ASPEE Duro-TEKK Agro Sprayer ( 708- AL )

ASPEE Duro-TEKK Agro Sprayer ( 708- AL )

Suitable for row & ground crops like cotton, soybean, vegetables, tea & coffee plantations, orchards & tall trees.

 High density polyethylene tank 20 lit. Capacity with clean out port, adjustable shoulder straps with cushion, 110cm. long high pressure delivery hose, 3 ft. Long  spray gun & straight rod 60 cm, 3 nozzle spray lance supplied with sprayer, forced air cooled 25.6cc petrol engine with reciprocating type brass metal pump & gear box.

Model: UB002A/TU26

Engine type: 2 stroke, forced air cooled petrol engine

Displacement: 25.6cc

Carburetor: Ruixing diaphragm type tuning carburetor

Ignition System: Transistorized magneto 

Starting system: Normal start

Air cleaner: Semi dry

Fuel Tank Capacity: 500ml +- 5%

Chemical Tank Capacity: 20lit. +- 5%

Pump Type: Positive displacement reciprocating pump (single piston double acting)

Suction / Discharge Capacity at no laod: 10-11lit/min

Normal Working Pressure: 100-200PSI

Maximum Pressure: 400 PSI

Weight: 7.550kg.(approx)

NOTE: Please note that as the material is heavy, couriers will not accept the material so this material will be sent by transport and the transportation cost will be paid by the buyer.

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