00-00-50 ( Potassium Sulphate ) Water Soluble Fertiliser

00-00-50 ( Potassium Sulphate ) Water Soluble Fertiliser

00:00:50 : Potassium Sulphate ( Water Soluble Fertiliser )

Introduction :

00-00-50 : Potassium Sulphate : High K supplies twice as much potassium , while still maintaining the optimal levels of the other plant nutrients.  Over 50% of the potassium form.  It has a very low potential acidity, exhibiting minimal acidifying tendencies in the soil. It is recommended when soil levels or tissue samples show low potassium levels or when plants are setting bud, as well as during maturation and blooming.

Benefits - 00:00:50 (SOP) Suphate of potash

00-00-50 does not allow clogging in drippers & also helps the crop for its potassium requirements.

00-00-50 is eco-friendly as 13:00:45 S.O.P is Nitrate free potassium product. Being  Sulphate enriched product, it does not have any effects on ground water quality.

00-00-50 provides good quality of produce as it has minimum chloride (Cl) & Sodium (Na) content which does have any effect on soil salinity.

00-00-50 is very ideal for all crops & all types of soils even ( Calcareous Soils), since it helps in lowers the pH of irrigation water. It is suitable for high E.C. contents of water (i.e. high Bicarbonates), which has high water pH.

00-00-50 is highly suitable for Tomatoes, Water Melons/Potatoes, Cucumbers and also fruity crops like Grapes, Pomegranates, Citrus, Banana, and Lemons & may more crops.

00-00-50 is ideal for use during last growth period, where potash requirement of the crop is high. This results in better weight, sweetness & long shelf life & with good fruit quality.

00:00:50 : Potassium Sulphate water soluble fertilisers , comes in 1Kg and 25 Kg Packing

The product offer here is 500 gm.  Pack , delivered to your address .

Use for Agriculture Purpose only

Krushikendra Tag : 00-00-50 ,  Potassium Sulphate ,  Water Soluble Fertiliser , 00:00:50 ,fertilisers, fertilizers

Text : 00-00-50 ,  Potassium Sulphate ,  Water Soluble Fertiliser , 00:00:50,fertilisers

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