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Bengal Gram (Chana) - Seeds VIJAY

Crop     : Bengal Gram (Chana)Variety  : Vijay Maturity : 105-110 daysFeatu..


Dhanshri Tur ( Red Gram) Arhar

Dhanshri Tur is one of the highest yielding variety of Red gram ( Tur ) .This is a medium duration v..


Dinkar Sesame(Til) Vegetable Seeds Paras-2 -500 GRM

Dinkar Sesame(Til) Vegetable Seeds Paras-2:Specialities:  Medium grain size.  White grain ..


Shree Ganesh Tur Seeds - Pigeon Pea /Red Gram / Arhar

Shree Ganesh Tur ( Pigeon Pea /Red Gram / Arhar) SeedsPacking 1 Kg packet Crop : Pigeon Pea ( R..


Shree Maruti Tur Seeds - ICP 8863

Shree Maruti Tur   -Pigeon Pea /Red Gram / Arhar :Pigeonpea Variety ICP 8863• Fusarium wilt res..


Shree Moong - Green Gram Seeds

Shree Moong Green Gram seeds , the variety is Kopergaon which is mostly preferred during kharif seas..


Shree Shakti Soya - Soybean Seeds

Shree Shakti Soya is a premium Quality Soyabean seeds .Its one of the highest yielding variety of So..


Shree Udid Seeds ( Black Gram ) - TAU 1

Shree Udid Seeds ( Black Gram ) - TAU 1TAU 1 - Udid Black gram TAU1 is one of the most popular ..


White Marglobe Onion Jindal Seeds

Variety - White MarglobePacking size - 500gmVariety Name-White MarglobePacking Size-500 gm..


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