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4-control (Hexaconazol 5% SC)

4-control (Hexaconazole 5% SC)It is recommended to control of scab op apple blast and shealth blight..


Actrex-Thiamethoxam 25 WG Insecticide Agro

Actrax - Thiamethoxam 25% WGThiamethoxam 25% WG. It is a broad spectrum systemic insecticides w..


Admire WG70

Admire contains Imidacloprid, one of the world's best selling insecticides. It is a systemic insecti..


Advance-Chloropyriphos 50%+Cypermethrin 5% Insecticides

Advance-Chloropyriphos 50%+Cypermethrin 5%We are engaged in offering excellent quality Advance (Chlo..



AgilPost emergence control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses.Crop protectionAGIL is a ..

ALANTO Out Of Stock


Thiacloprid is a member of the chemical class of neonicotinoid insecticides. It is an effective tool..



Aliette Fosetyl Al 80% WPAliette is a systemic fungicide effective against Oomcytes fungi like ..


Alika - Syngenta Insecticide

Mixture of contact & systemic insecticide, Dosage – 80 ml per acre, Thiamethoxam (12.6%) + Lambd..


Alphasulphan-Chloropyriphos 16% + Alpha 1%EC Insecticides

Alphasulphan-Chloropyriphos 16% + Alphamethrin 1% ECWe are engaged in offering excellent quality Alp..


Amistar Syngenta Fungicide

Broadest spectrum Strobilurin with an excellent environmental file, optimizing yield and quality in ..


Ampligo Insecticide Syngenta

 AMPLIGO 150 ZC is encapsulated in tiny ZEON® capsules (ZC), Acts faster and quick results are ..



Antracol contains Propineb, a contact fungicide with broad spectrum activity against various disease..


Atrazoom - ( Atrazine 50 WP) Selective Herbicide

Atrazoom- ( Atrazine 50 WP) : HerbicideAtrazin 50 % wp HerbicideAtrazine 50 % WP inhibits photosynth..


Blast Off -Tricyclozole 75%WP fungicide

Blast Off -Tricyclozole 75%WP    : FungicidesBeing a quality centric organization, we are ..


Chima Emamectin benzoate 5% SG

Emamectin benzoate 5% SG is water soluble granule formulation containing active ingredient and recom..


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