BIO STAR - Bio Larvicide

BIO STAR - Bio Larvicide

BioSTAR  - Bio Larvicide




Water Soluble Granules



Mode of Action:

 BIO STAR  demonstrates a unique physiological mode of action reducing potential cross resistance to other classes of chemistry. It acts on the nerve cells to suppress muscle contraction thus inhibiting the larvae from feeding within hours providing rapid crop protection.


BIO STAR   maintains control of a range of larval insects by contact activity with wet residues, but predominantly by ingestion activity. It acts directly with the larvae but exterminates them when still inside the egg, thus increasing speed of activity and residual control.

 BIO STAR  is considered as biologically selective for some beneficial species due to lack of intrinsic toxicity and a mode of action mainly via ingestion rater than contact activity.


BIO STAR     is ecologically selective to a wide range of beneficial species due to the rapid breakdown of the active ingredient thus limiting contact activity to a very short period.

The product offer here is 100 gms  Pack , delivered to your address . 

Use for Agriculture Purpose only

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