Balsam Flower Seed

Balsam Flower Seed


  • The seeds are sown in January-February for summer flowering and May-July.
  • Seeds are sown thinly in nursery beds/ seed pans.
  • Fine sandy soil is required for seedbed (Outdoors) is used as sowing medium for seedling trays (Indoors).
  • Before sowing the seeds, soil/coco peat should be made slightly moist.
  • Immediately after sowing the seeds, watering should be done carefully
  • Seedlings are allowed to grow on seedbeds/trays
  • Transplanting of seedlings is done in pots or flower beds at 6-leaf stage.
  • Seedlings should be transplanted in high-quality rich soil
  • On large flower beds, seeds can be sown directly and then thinned out 22-30 cm apart.

  • Planting Distance: When the plants are allowed to grow bushy, space them wide. Overcrowded plants do not produce good blooms. For pot culture, grow a single plant in 25 cm pot.

    Watering: Plenty of watering during growth stage is required. Soil should stay moist all the time with flood irrigation once a week. In dry conditions, leaves wither and drop off.

    Feeding: Heavy dose of manure is needed at the time of planting. Balsam is a gross feeder and should be given liquid once a week.

    Plant care: Balsam is affected by powdery mildew throughout the year can be detected by greyish-white spots or patches covered with powdery mass

    Bloom time: Flowers start appearing 60 days after sowing and blooming period lasts for about 15-20 days.

    Pinching & Pruning: Allow three shoots to grow on each plant. For large blooms, remove all the side shoots, keep only a single stem. Remove the lower leaves that cover the blooms too.

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