Cotton Seed Ankur Suvarna BG-2

Out Of Stock Cotton Seed Ankur Suvarna BG-2

Variety:                         Suwarna BG-II

Plant Habit:                 Tall, semi-spreading, indeterminate growth habit. Sturdy plant

Irrigation Requirement: Critical stages for irrigation: Square formation, boll setting stage

Crop Duration:         Avg. 170-175 Days

Sowing Season:         Kharif

Sowing Spacing:         Medium Soil (irrigated): 120 * 60 cm Medium Soil (Rainfed) : 90* 60 or 120*45 cm Heavy Soil (Irrigated): 120 *75 or 150* 75 cm Heavy Soil (Rainfed): 120*60 cm

Boll Size and Shape:         Oval pointed

Boll Weight:                 Ave. 4.7-5 gm

Manufacturer:         Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

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